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Sinclair Upton Capital Management Wealth Management Overview

A Personal Investment Expert at Your Service

Sinclair Upton Capital Management will be your guide on the life-long journey that is the pursuit of your life goals and ambitions.

Working closely as partners, we will follow a precise and structured path, organising and managing your financial life using a long-term strategy created to match your individual circumstances, aims and time horizon.

Our all-embracing wealth management solutions divide this extensive strategy into six well-defined components:

We help make sure that your post-retirement income is adequate to sustain the quality of life you want.

Preserving your legacy and making sure your assets are bequeathed to the people and causes you intend them to.

Reducing tax liabilities within legal constraints.

Safeguarding your assets for the future.

Forecasting and preparing for possible, probable and definite future business matters.

Preparing in advance for the ever-increasing expenditure of higher education

A whole life plan that reinforces your goals

The blueprint for the future that we devise for you will take your overall objectives into account, as well as the individual ambitions we agree together on for the six components above into a cohesive, clear and practical plan.

We will be able to identify areas that require immediate action and those that will play out over a longer time frame.

This methodical structure allows the overall picture to be divided into focused components which are more straightforward to understand, prepare for and take decisive action on.

All the knowledge that we gain during this process will form the foundation and set the future course for navigating the long-term financial map we draw up for you.

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